Máy Phay Khóa CNC NCR 300

Máy Phay Khóa CNC NCR 300 - 4 Trục 

The new concept in copy routers, this single head copy router has the ability to program X, Y, Z and C coordinate with 4 axis servo controlled motors. It is used for the processing of slots for locks, drilling handles, hinges, espagnolette holes, and opening water drain slot on PVC and aluminum profiles, this means no more template


  • Designed for the day-to-day operations on PVC, aluminum and low alloy materials the four surfaces of profiles at the same time
  • Equipped with servo controlled table mechanism to stop the turning table and machining the profile in any angle among the 0°/90°/180/270° 
  • Working capacity  X: 300 mm, Y: 120 mm, Z: 115 mm
  • Profile clamping width (Wmax / Wmin): 120 X 30 mm
  • Profile clamping height (Hmax. /  Hmin.): 115 X 30 mm
  • Profile clamping length: (Lmax. / L min.): 3000 X 400 mm
  • ER 16 tool collets
  • Equipped with variable speed spindle adjusted from 0 to 12000 rpm with 2.2 kW
  • PLC control system
  • Electronic and pneumatic breaking system for detaining falls of head and table


  • Ø 8 mm x L 120 mm cutter bit
  • 2 x horizontal and 2 x vertical clamps
  • Spray tool lubrication system
  • Air gun
  • Left and right profile stops
  • Service spanners (24 mm)
  • Collet wrench
  • LED lighting equipment

may phay khoa cnc 4 truc NCR 300

Máy Phay Khóa CNC 4 Trục NCR 300