Máy cắt Chenhe (TC-JIAHE)

1, Vua máy cắt : LZJ2C-450x5000: High Efficiency Double Head Precision Cutting Saw
    (Cắt một lần 4 cây)
May gia cong cua nhua


- Digital display the profile cutting length and quantity

- Adopted imported magnetic ruler to control cutting length.

- Automatic 45-90°cutting angle change

- One time four (4) pieces of profiles cutting available (height of the profile should be less than 60mm),and 260mm height of the profile also could be cut.

- Machine guide and head adopted linear bearing system

- Moveable machine head brake

- Reasonable structure and high processing precision


- Power Supply: 380V 60Hz three-phase,four-wire

- Cutting Motor Power: 3kW (1.5kW×2)
- Cutting Motor Rotational Speed: 3300 r/min
- Operation Air Pressure: 0.5~0.8MPa
- Air Consumption: 30L/min
- Max. Cutting Length: 5000mm
- Min. Cutting Length: 430mm
- Cutting Range: 230×90mm (width×height);120×105mm (width×height)
- Cutting Angle: 45°and 90°
- Overall Dimension: 6000×1400×1400mm
- Machine Weight: 1500kg


2, Máy cắt LZJ2-450x3700 : Double Mitre Saw
May gia cong cua nhua
- Used for  plastic and aluminum profile cutting angle between -45°and 45°.
- Feeding in a linear way ensured its stability.
- High cutting precision due to setting the saw blade in spindle.
- Two machine heads move toward inner as well as outer
- Input Voltage:    380V/50Hz
- Input Power:      4.5(Kw)
- Air Pressure:     0.5~0.8(MPa)
- Air Consumption:  50(L/min)
- Spindle Rotary Speed:2800(r/min)
- Cutting Height:   120(mm)
- Cutting Width:    120(mm)
- Cutting Length:   430~3700(mm)
- Overall Dimension:6000×1300×1650(mm)
- Weight:           1200(kg)
3, Máy cắt tự động CNC:  LJSH-CNC-500x4200  CNC Double Mitre Saw
may gia cong cua nhua loi thep
- Used for especially wide profiles cutting such as aluminum profile, curtain wall and radiator etc.
- Feeding system adopts imported linear guide pair, with high accuracy and stability.
- Right head feeding adopts locking band type driving, ensured high accurate lock locating and driving.
- Adopt digital display technique. >.Cutting size can be displayed on the screen, ensured high processing accuracy.
- Any cutting angle between 45° and 90° is available.
- Saw blade rotate smoothly due to high accuracy main spindle.
- Uniform speed feeding and smooth motion due to airdraulic damping cylinder.
- Auto-induction middle profile supporter and following profile supporter made the loading and clamping convenient.
- Auto-opening guard shield ensured safety operation
- Input Voltage:    380V/50Hz
- Input Power:      4.4(Kw)
- Air Pressure:     0.5~0.8(MPa)
- Spindle Rotary Speed:3400(r/min)
- Cutting Length:   435~4200(mm)
- Overall Dimension:5560×1750×1950(mm)
- Weight:           2000(kg)
4, Máy cắt LJB2-350x3500 (Double Mitre Saw)
May gia cong cua nhua loi thep
- Used for  plastic and aluminum profile cutting angle between 45°and 45°.
- Feeding in a linear way ensured its stability.
- Machine guide adopted imported linear bearing system, ensured high cutting precision
Input Voltage: 3N~50Hz 380/220V
Input Power: 3(Kw)
Air Pressure: 0.5~0.8(MPa)
Air Consumption: 30(L/min)
Spindle  Rotary Speed: 3200(r/min)
Cutting Height: 100(mm)
Cutting Width: 200(mm)
Cutting Length: 450~3500(mm)
Overall Dimension:4000×1120×1450(mm)
Weight: 1000(kg)